Quiet guitar gems by David Parkhurst Crane
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David Parkhurst Crane: Links & Videos

Earthsong Online
An enlightened website and host devoted to selecting only peaceful music.  We are very pleased David was selected by Earthsong Online to be represented in the "guitarists" category.

Check out all the music on the worldwide radio of last.fm. David's Radio Station plays many other artist's music as well as his own. lastfm

Forever Spring
The horse on the single release is "Bo Brumel." Bo lives in Florida on Forever Spring Farm, owned by a lovely couple, Bill and Claudia Parkhurst." Bill's my cousin!

Some Videos in the Listening Station Display

Seville Nights Video
Watch a video from Timely... of Seville Nights! on You Tube. This video is inserted in listening stations so that people will have a little visual stimulation to accompany previewing the music.
Another video in the listening station, Infinity from Timely...
Les Vacances Video
Les Vacances (The Vacation) is another listening station selection. It looks like it's under water!
Clouds video
Not the Joanie Mitchell version, as David only plays original music!
Autumn's Glory -video
The Grammy candidate for Best Instrumental in a slideshow presentation!

New form David Parkhurst Crane:

A new quiet guitar piece from David Parkhurst Crane that will appear in his third CD release, "Passionately..." coming mid 2010. Most of this was taken when a faun decided to visit his backyard. The stream is located in St. Peters Village in Pennsylvania. The cat, "Dagi," a Burmese, is a wonderful family pet!